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The musical group CAMAEL combines the excitement of and passion for traditional folklore music – primarily Moravian, Slovakian, Romany and Scottish. CAMAEL perform folklore music in their own unique way, stemming from the instrumental arrangements of Pavel Fischer (the ex-primarius of the Škampa Quartet), the group´s composer, and from the two female vocalists. The overall sound is then rounded out by all the other group members and reflected in this sound is the diversity of the musical experience of each individual member. This allows considerable scope for improvisation. CAMAEL regularly "discover new, traditional songs" and the last CD named "Čaro" is the copyright of the Camael members.

So why CAMAEL, exactly?
CAMAEL is God´s Archangel of justice and interpersonal relationships, our protector, who gives us the decisiveness and the strength of mind to fulfill our life´s work. He enables us to overcome the shackles of our past, we have to go through a cleansing and healing process, dance, sing and simply just be ourselves. We then come to a point within ourselves where, in the end, light and dark become balanced and in its original unity light is attained... The Archangel CAMAEL helps us to overcome our fears and transform the darker sides of our souls into the light.

Under the original title Triny+3My the ensemble took part in the festival Tschechien in Euphorie in Vienna, the festival Concentus Moraviae and, within the framework of the European musical project České sny 2004, also at the festival Mitte Europa, in Eubabrunn in Germany, in Yvetot in France, in Utrecht, in the club Moods im Schiffbau, Zurich, in the viennese Nachtazyl and in Belgium at the Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk. In September 2005, under the new name of CAMAEL, the group also performed at the festival of European music, MOVE, at the Akropolis Palace in Prague, successfully made their debut at the festival United Islands of Prague (2006), at MFF Karlovy Vary (2006) and were again guests at the festival Mitte Europa (2006). In the year 2007 the percussionist Camilo Caller also joined the group. Together they recorded a new CD at the recording studio P.S. Professional Sound one Moravian, two Romany and three traditional Scottish songs, which you can listen to on these internet pages. With a newly-created program, reflected in which is the further musical development of the group, CAMAEL gave, in the year 2007, many successful concerts at the home-grown festivals of Jičín, Hluboká n. Vltavou, Lysice, Polička etc., within the framework of České sny 2007, the ensemble also performed in Poland (Rawa Mazowiecka), Germany (Ströbeck), Holland (Wijk aan Zee) and Francie (Mellionec). In the year 2009 they performed at summer festivals and even at solo concerts with their then current album Do skoku.

After Camael introduced us to their second current CD Do "skoku" in November 2008, at a christening in front of a full hall in the Dobeška Theatre and then at a concert in New York, they then performed several beautiful concerts in the year 2009 at summer festivals (Unijazz Boskovice 09, Mezi Ploty in Prague, Ekojarmark in Olomouec, Concentus Moraviae in Dukovanech, Jaro na nádvoří in Brno, the local town celebrations of Litovel, Žďár nad Sázavou, Třebíč) and also solo concerts in Kladno, Opava and Prague. To everybody who found their way to any of these concerts, we thank you for the beautiful moments we shared together and we will look forward to meeting you again, this time with a new program which we are now intensively working on.


21. 2. 2016

Concert Zvole u Prahy

Všechny příznivce Camaelu zveme na koncert do Polyfunkčního domu, Zvole u Prahy, který se uskuteční dne 4. 5. 2016 od 19 hod. Těšíme se na setkání!


Our CD

On the 22.11. 2012 the new CD, named Čaro, was christened at the Dobeška Theatre in Prague. The CD was created gradually over a two-year period and is made up of only originally composed songs. Five members of the ensemble were involved in producing the lyrics and songs, foremost among them being Pavel Fischer and Jana Tyšerová – Procházková, but also Dagmar Podkonická, Iveta Kováčová and František Raba. It is difficult to put the genre of all the compositions under one umbrella, even though they all stem from folk music, but sometimes the listener can hear within the music the inspiration of jazz and even big-beat. During discussions with listeners and fans it became apparent that we have captured everything in music that is interesting and good to listen to “Fusion“. The composers simply are not afraid of using anything that they like, anything that inspires and appeals to them in their work.

Camael is working intensively on a new concert program and a CD, which is called "Čáry a kouzla" (Witchcraft). Witchcraft, witches and wizards, the good ones of course, secret places, unbelievable tales, the magical power of love – we sing about all these things in the newly-written songs by Camael. The new songs, which Camael is already partly presenting during their performances, are original compositions written by the members of the group, the arrangements are of a more dancing and penetrative nature... the inspiration remains, however, folklore songs.

At the beginning of October 2008 the new CD, called Do skoku, was released by the ensemble Camael. You can listen to some of the pieces on these web pages. All the compositions are available to listen to or directly buy at the webpage Indies MG. The current CD was released by Indies MG and, along with Moravian songs, you can find both Romany and Scottish songs and even ancient carols and several original compositions. The sound, compared to the first album is sharper, more experimental, new instruments make an appearance here. You can enjoy Scottish dance music with the personal style of the percussionist Camilo Caller, an impressive "gypsy lament" Marel o Del or an original arrangement of the Moravian folk song Víno (Wine) and others. If you want to know more about the album, read the interview in magazine Folk a Country. Iveta Kováčová and Pavel Fischer also talked about the album Do skoku with Otakar Svoboda in the program Cultural Events for Czech television (Události v kultuře). You can watch the interesting interview from the television archives ČT (the interview is about half-way through the program).


4. 5. 2016 – Zvole, Polyfunkční dům, 19:00

11. 6. 2016 – Festival ve Slaném

7. 11. 2016 – Galavečer Palác Žofín


Dagmar Podkonická, tel.: +420 777 271 000

Pavel Fischer, tel.: +420 602 359 530